Mountains and Hikes - Wantdo Stories Vol 1

This will be our first interview of Wantdo Stories series where we feature real Wantdo customers who blend the outdoors with their everyday life, and share their favorite moments.  

I believe most of us feel like we are missing out a lot from life due to COVID19. Tristan (@tristar_253), however, does not feel the same. She is one of the few who I talked to who does not feel like there is anything missing from her life, which is inspiring. I think we could all probably have a little more appreciation of what we currently have, and try to live our lives to the fullest, no matter how long the pandemic will last.

Tristan Backpacking trip to thunder mountain lakes

Tristan's Backpacking Trip to Thunder Mountain Lakes  

Wantdo: First of all, please introduce yourself briefly.

Tristan: My name is Tristan! I am a mother, hairstylist and adventure seeker! Which also describe my passions! 


Wantdo: What are 3 things you are most passionate about?

Tristan: Experiencing all of these things make my true passion easy! I’m all about making others feel good! Whether that be sitting in my chair feeling beautiful or scrolling through my adventures and reading the quotes! I just want to motivate others to be the best version of themselves and feel beautiful doing it! 


Wantdo: What’s an exciting thing going on in life right now?

Tristan: The most exciting thing right now for me is getting all this extra time with my daughter and getting to take her out in nature to experience what I love so much! 


Wantdo: Is there anything missing in life right now?

Tristan: I don’t feel like I’m missing anything in life right now, I am where I need to be and going where I need to go! Life is pretty great! 


Wantdo: What is your favorite outdoor activity and where is your favorite place to go outdoors?

Tristan: My favorite outdoor activities would have to be snowboarding and hiking! Being in the mountains is where I am the happiest and I’m fortunate enough to share these moments with my daughter! I love going to crystal mountain to snowboard and hiking anywhere around Mount Rainier, so I can see her beauty!


Wantdo: How’s your daughter liking the mountains? Do you have any trips planned recently?

Tristan: Of course!  

My daughter has been loving the mountains. It’s helped her deal with a lot of the anxiety and stress due to COVID-19. 

We try to hike at-least once a week! Our next hike together will be Kelly butte sometime next week! 

Tristan Goldmyer Hot Springs
Tristan at Goldmyer Hot Springs

Wantdo: Name your favorite piece of Wantdo clothing/gear you purchased.

Tristan: The Wantdo packable puffer jacket is my favorite, it’s so warm and perfect for hiking and great for boarding when it’s really cold out and you need that extra layer!


Wantdo: Did you have some memorable moments when wearing the item?

Tristan: Took it on a my first backpacking trip to Goldmyer hot springs last year and it did not disappoint! The shell I got from Wantdo is great too, perfect windbreaker for those windy hikes!

Tristan's Favorite Women's Packable Hooded Lightweight Down Jacket