Wantdo Technology

Our long term thinking on sustainability through the lens of product philosophy, responsible manufacturing, and community engagement.

Technology is the core of Wantdo. We dedicate our time and efforts to applying the latest invention to our products so that we can protect our adventurers from the unpredictable elements of the wild, such as rain, wind, coldness, and stain, while maintaining a high level of artistic expression.

We utilize the most innovative construction to help our wearers move better during their adventure, by reducing the weight, increasing the breathability while being extremely waterproof, and increasing the traction of the shoe soles.

We source the best materials to increase our products’ durability under the harsh abrasion of our mother nature.

We believe that we should be equally responsible to the environment as we are to our customers. Our goal is to maximize our value for our customers and minimize our impact on the environment.


Wantdo uses high quality down on its down jackets. With high fill down insulation, Wantdo jacket offers high thermal efficiency without weighing you down. It is the best natural source of insulation for warmth to weight ratio. The eco-friendly nature of down reduces waste in landfills and hence reduces reduces environmental impact.

In 2020, Wantdo committed to Responsible Down Standard (RDS) which ensures that down and feathers come from animals that are not subjected undue harm or mistreat-ment. Under this standard, Wantdo sources down from trusted suppliers that have been audited for compliance with the RDS.

Watndo sources down that has been treated with Sfresh™ Exclusive Washing process that makes sure the down materials are safer and cleaner. Sfresh™ Exclusive Washing is a comprehensive washing and rinsing process that removes microbes, metal, animal fat and dust with eco-friendly detergent safe for the environment. Such process creates a higher standard of cleanliness compared to regular down washing process, therefore makes us more confident about the down materials we use.


ClusterLoft is a synthetic insulation that gives you an insulation that both reduces weight and increases warmth, making the garment warm and easy to pack. Although down has the best warmth to weight ratio in dry weather, it has some down sides: it is not waterproof. What sets ClusterLoft insulation apart from down, is its performance in wet weather. It is fast drying so it does not retain water easily, which means it will keep you warm even when it is wet. This synthetic insulation mimics the warmth properties of down, with fabric that traps air and preserves your body heat. It is also incredibly light-weight and compressible, which makes the garments very packable and easy to store. Its high warmth to weight ratio means the materials retain body heat without being bulky.

Teflon Fabric

Teflon is a an invisible coating that protects the garment against staining without com-promising breathability. It also ensures water does not permeate the fabric as easily, which reduces drying times. Because of its resistance and repellence to stains and dirt, Teflon protects garments, making them easier to maintain. You can easily brush off dry dirt, mud and soil off the surface of the fabric.

Because of its excellent ability to repel dirt and moister, Wantdo uses Teflon coated fabric mostly on its ski jackets to keep you dry on the slope and holds up to daily wear and tear.

Fully Taped Seams

Regardless of how waterproof the fabric is, unless the seams are sealed, a garment is not fully waterproof. The tape and seal are applied to a seam from the inside, to stop the water from entering through the stitched holds in the fabric. A garment can have criti-cally taped seams or fully taped seams. Jackets with fully taped seams are the most wa-terproof. Tape is glued to each seam, completely covering all of the holes left by the needle stitching, and prevents moisture from passing through. Taping is an expensive procedure, therefore only high end ski jackets come with fully taped seams. If you want to stay dry all day at the resort, go with a jacket with fully taped seams.

Vibram® Sole

Vibram® soles are iconic soles for being of the highest quality. Know for being light-weight, super grippy and durable, these water resistant soles will prevent your feet get-ting wet, and protect the shoes from being worn down. Wantdo uses Vibram®soles be-cause they provide incredible traction, support and comfort. Vibram®sole’s unique compound blend of rubber and other materials strike a perfect balance between durabil-ity and traction. This means that the rubber has just the right hardness that both offers great traction, but also last a long time.

Digital Printing

Our creative design team came up with new ways to blend beautiful prints with the functional world of technical design at Wantdo. They create artistic and vibrant prints using digital printing. The technique allows the richness of dyes to show up with the highest level of color and detail, therefore reproduces beautiful designs onto our gar-ments with intricate details.

2-Layer Waterproof Laminate Construction

A waterproof membrane is bonded to the underside of a garment’s shell fabric. Such laminate construction makes the garment both waterproof and breathable since mi-cropores in the waterproof allow sweat vapor to escape, but too small for rain droplets to get through. Therefore when you sweat, moist air transfers through the micropores in the membrane and hence keeps you cool. This makes garments with waterproof mem-brane perfect for outdoor activities where perspiration or rain are a great concern.