Style & Function- Best Rain Jacket You'll Want to Wear Every Day

You must have had the experience of being caught by the rain when you are hiking, traveling, or on your way to work, and you did not bring an umbrella. Bad weather can always catch us off guard and we should always be prepared for the wors. Therefore, no matter where you plan on going for your next adventure, you should always bring along a rain jacket.

A good rain jacket will help keep you dry in bad weather –it may even allow you to salvage a trip that would otherwise be ruined by rain. But rain jackets aren’t just good for keeping you dry, they also provide value in a number of other ways.



The Importance of Packing a Rain Jacket



Any seasoned hikers know the importance of layers. Multiple layers help to trap air and therefore retain heat to keep you warmer. Moreover, you can adjust to temperatures easily by adding or removing layers.

A rain jacket works great for layering as an outer shell since it can keep your other layers dry, and help prevent the wind from blowing away your precious body heat.

Bug protection

Mosquitoes and flies are always an annoyance in spring and summer. An effective repellent can keep most of these bugs away, but a light layer to cover your skin can do a great job as well. A lightweight rain jacket can serve as a barrier for your skin and protect you from the flies.

Wind protection

It can be quite breezy up on a hill. A lightweight rain jacket can also be doubled as a windbreaker. While you can wear a sweater or a jacket when there is a strong breeze, they can be overkill sometimes when it gets warmer during the day. Therefore a lightweight rain jacket works great in these situations since it can protect you from the wind without causing you to overheat.


Therefore a rain jacket can be useful in multiple ways. To enjoy all the benefits of a good rain jacket, it is important to select a high-quality rain jacket with certain design features.


Features to Look for in Rain Jackets


First of all, the most important quality of rain jackets is the ability to keep you dry. Therefore it is essential to select rain jackets made from high-quality fabric treated with a waterproofing agent. 

Although most jackets claim they are “100% waterproof”, there is a standard way to rate water prevention. Most waterproof attire is rated using mm. For example, a jacket rated 6,000mm Waterproof is able to withstand a 6,000mm column of water for up to 1 minute before any liquid will penetrate. Wantdo rain jackets are rated 10,000mm waterproof, which means the fabric is water-resistant even in heavier rain.

Leak-Proof Seams

Rain jackets with water-tight seams can prevent water from seeping in through places in which two pieces of fabric are stitched together. Protecting the seams can be achieved in different ways, but the most effective way is through the use of water-proof tape. Wantdo rain jackets feature taped seams that make the seams waterproof as any other portion of a rain jacket.

Draw Cords on the Hood and Hem

In heavy downpours, water can enter a rain jacket through the hood and the bottom of the jacket (hem). If these portions of the jacket don’t fit snuggly, water can seep through easily. To avoid these problems, Wantdo rain jackets have drawcords on the hood and the hem, so these parts can be adjusted to prevent water from entering.

Tight-Fitting Wrists

Water can also enter into the sleeves easily through wrists.  Drawcords around wrists of a rain jacket can be a safety hazard since they can be caught or snagged on things. Wantdo jackets feature elastic bunching around wrists so they adjust to the size of your wrists.

High-Quality Zippers

Your finger might become numb and stiff in cold weather, so it is important to select a jacket with smooth zippers that makes it easier to zip up your jacket even when your fingers are numb. Wantdo jackets use high-quality SBS zippers that are super smooth. They are resistant to abrasion and wash, so your jacket can last for years.


Thick rain jackets can be too hot to use during warm parts of the year. Wantdo jackets, however, are made of lightweight breathable material. In addition, it features a vent at the back that can be zipped open in hot summer days.

Easy to Pack and Store

If you want to pack a rain jacket for your trip, you need to select a model that is easy to fold up and store. Wantdo rain jackets can be folded into a self-contained pocket on the back. It makes it easy to fit the rain jacket in your backpack, and makes sure that the jacket is protected when not in use. 


Style & Function

These are the features you want to look for in a rain jacket. However, traditional rain jackets made by outdoor companies skew frumpy instead of fashionable. Apart from campers and hikers, most people who live in the city want outerwear that is functional but also looks great. When you are hunting for the perfect rain jacket, you want something that you would want to wear every day.

The designer team of Wantdo came up with a solution. Combining the functionality of traditional rain jackets and chic design elements of trench coats, Wantdo launched a new rain jacket line that is designed for performance and looks just as chic.





The new jackets are a clean, contemporary take on the traditional jacket, made from premium coated fabric that is highly waterproof. The jacket’s versatility and generous cut allow for layering throughout the seasons. Combining simple design with superior performance, you can look just as good in the woods as you do in the office.