"I feel like I will always need more traveling"-Wantdo Stories Vol. 11

We have talked to many of our Wantdo fans. They have all kinds of professions. However, one thing they have in common is their love for the outdoor and nature. So is our guest for this episode of Wantdo Stories, Paige.


Paige, aka @paige.outdoors, is a part-time adventure blogger. She lives in Southeast Minnesota with her husband and their 2 dogs – Finley and Murphy. Beside the time she’s working for the family business, she is always outside walking dogs, gardening, working on house projects, camping or spending time out on the Mississippi River.


Spending time outdoors with her husband and their dogs is one of Paige’s biggest passion. They try to get out as often as they can. Still, Paige feels that they are missing more travelling, to which I guess many of outdoor lover can relate to. Recently, they bought a camper so that they can bring the dogs on more of their adventures with them and spend more time at parks. They are so excited to hit the road later this spring.



Hiking is one of Paige’s favorite outdoor activities. Paige and her husband have a US National Parks bucket list. They usually plan their trips centered around a National Park and explore the area around it. Paige originally started writing the blog because she wanted to keep a track of her adventures in case she wanted to return to that park or state in the future. However, quickly she realized she really enjoyed doing it.


We asked Paige if she can give us some insight on how it is like to be an adventure blogger. Paige told us there’s actually a lot of “leg work” that takes place before actually publishing the blog post. Blogging requires her to do more than just enjoy the adventure, she has to be ready to snap a picture or come up with ideas on the fly. It was hard to keep that mindset when she first started. Extensive research online and on site was also needed for her to write those posts with great tips. Paige also said that, for her, the hardest part is creating the blog and managing it. It is the biggest piece of the puzzle and can be overwhelming sometimes, but luckily out there are a lot of great resources that she can learn from.



Out of all the place she has visited, Paige told us that her favorite places are Ireland and Washington State. She visited Ireland a few years back with her husband, and she says she loved the culture, the food, how friendly everyone was. She also enjoyed the luscious green field and landscapes. Washington State, on the other hand, was “so magical” to her. She was drawn to the moody scenery that the fog, tall green tress and the towns along the coast of Washington formed. Paige said that she would love to visit both Ireland and Washington again.


Beside hiking, Paige also loves gardening. Every year she has a flower garden in her patio area and a vegetable garden out in her yard. She enjoys both types of gardening. Growing her own vegetables is so rewarding to her and flowers are so beautiful to look at. At the moment, she has her flowers started in a micro-greenhouse inside her home until they get big enough and it gets warm enough outside.



Paige’s favorite plants to grow are tomatoes and Gladiolus. But the latter, she told us, requires one to replant the bulbs every year so after each season you also have to remove them from the soil. For anyone who are new to gardening, Paige recommend Zinnias which is one of her favorite flowers and what she thinks the easiest to grow.


Paige also told us that ever since she got her Wantdo jacket, she has been wearing it when she worked on her garden. She has also worn it to work, and when she went hiking with her dogs. She said she really likes the jacket because how practical and functional it is.

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Paige told us what her future plans for her blog and for traveling are. Paige said, ideally, she would love to start producing an income from her blog so that she can travel more. For travel, she and her husband are looking at doing a big fall camping trip to the east or west coast while stopping at National parks along the way. They are hoping for a 2-3 weeks trip with the camper and the dogs.


We definitely wish Paige the best luck. If you would like follow along her trip, please don’t forget to check out her blog: paigeoutdoors.com. Also, please don’t forget to leave your comments down below, if you have anything to say to Paige or to us. Like always, we will select one winner from the comment section to receive the jacket Paige was wearing!