An Interview of Music Producer, Jah Zilla, on How to Stay Inspired - Wantdo Stories Vol. 10

We have had the pleasure to meet with various Wantdo fans with different professions, like nurse, entrepreneur, photographer, therapist, outdoor adventure blogger, etc. We are glad to learn that every one of them is so passionate about their work and lives of himself/herself and others, so is our guest for this episode of Wantdo Stories, Jah Zilla (@jah_zilla). 




As a music producer, sound and mix engineer, he is a careful observer of life, because it is where his inspirations come from. Jah told us that he views life as if it were a movie, where the script and plot are constantly changing and evolving in real time. He uses his own experience or pull inspirations from the experiences of other, and he creates music to fit the scenes throughout the day. In order to make his audience be able to perceive his music as clips from a movie as he does, in the new project that he is currently working on, he is trying to combine music with writing and photography to make the music more experiential. 


Jah was very excited about this new project he is working on. He told us that it is an instrumental series. He decided to start working on an instrumental series after receiving a few inbox messages on Instagram from a few people who admired some of his older works. From the conversations, he learned that there is a subculture of people who enjoy listening to just beats, without singing or rapping. He thought to himself, this could be a fun experience.  Jah sets a very good example for us. We need to be open to try new things and new approaches. Who knows, it might take us to somewhere we have never thought of.




Apart from music, Jah is also really passionate about fishing. It is his favorite outdoor activity. He likes to go fishing in Petosky, which is near the upper peninsula of Michigan. When talking about fishing, he told us a story of Wantdo and fishing. He has two Wantdo jacket. He saw the jacket on Amazon and after reading the review, he wanted to give it a try. He purchased one jacket and it performed well during the winter, so he bought a second one. He told us that Wantdo jacket has help him score in the game of fishing. One day in the spring, he decided to go fishing. He was the only person out on the water, because of the weather is still cold. However, he is wearing his Wantdo jacket, which kept him warm. With the lack of competition, in less than an hour, he had a whole stringer full of perch and blue gill. 


In the end, we asked him if there is anything missing in his life. He said the answer might be similar for a lot of people. The effects of COVID-19. It has affected music industry on all levels. There is no concerts and no music festival. We all hope the pandemic will be over soon, and everything will go back to what it used to be.  


It was such pleasure getting to know Jah, and we hope you have enjoyed this episode of Wantdo Stories. Please leave your comments down below, and we will select one winner from the comment section, by Sunday night, to receive the same jacket Jah was wearing in the picture.