Back to where I started, but with a better self -- Wantdo Stories Vol. 12

On this episode of Wantdo, we are having Jackie (@jackiecelona) as our guest. We found Jackie on Instagram. Her homepage was filled with traveling, skiing, hiking, kayaking, etc., which has caught our eyes immediately. We have also learned that she is going through a big change in her life and her career. She is taking a 5 months road trip slowly moving back to the place she left 5 years ago. Read on to find out Jackie’s story.


Jackie was born and raised in New Jersey. Ever since a child, she always has a camera in her hand to capture every moments with her friends and family. She moved to LA to start her career in film making and digital videos. From the work she has done, she got the opportunities to travel the world and work with some amazing people to really jump start her career. However, she felt it was time for a change and she switched her job to digital marketing and paid social. Right now she is working for an e-commerce fashion brands. It is a full-time job that allows her to work remotely. So she believes that now is the right time to move back to her family.


Jackie's first stop in San Diego

Just like what we saw on her social media, Jackie is a travel enthusiast. Therefore, she decide to have an extended road trip and move slowly back to New Jersey, while visiting friends and family along the way. Starting from California, she has been to Utah and Colorado. Right now she is staying in Nashville for a while. Jackie said that as she is moving to a different city every months and working in 4 different time zones, it is really hard to adjust and have a set routine. She would love to have her own space to call home in the near future. However, at the moment, she is enjoying the flexible lifestyle she has right now.


There is a high level of self-discipline that is needed for someone who’s working on flexible terms. In order to balance her work and traveling, Jackie structured her long trip with extended stays in each location, so that she can make the most of the new destination without interrupting her usual work week. She would plan her “play time” on weeknight and weekends, so that while she’s working all day Monday to Friday, she is not missing much on traveling.


Jackie in Nashville

Jackie loves traveling and her favorite part of being outdoor is the incredible views. whether that be hiking to the top of a mountain, kayaking on a beautiful lake, or biking through a scenic path. “You can always see these views on TV or through social media, but nothing can replace actually experiencing them for yourself and some just might take your breath away,” she says.


As someone who grows up in New Jersey, Jackie loving being around water. Boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, water sport, anything on the water is her favorite outdoor activity. Whenever she is near water or ocean, it feels like home to her.


Jackie in Colorado wearing Wantdo Parka

Jackie started the road trip more than 3 months ago. If you have been following her journey on Instagram (@jackieenroute), you will see her doing skiing, biking, hiking, from California to Tennessee, from winter to summer. While she was in Colorado in March, she has been wearing Wantdo’s Parka. She said that she loved the parka because it has kept her warm in the snowy days. As her journey coming to an end. We asked her what is her plan for the future. She says, “life is always an adventure and you never know what comes next, but I'm excited to get back to New Jersey and finally spend some time with my family after living across the country in California for the last 5 years! ”


At the beginning of the interview, we asked Jackie what are the three things that she is most passionate about, and she said family, social media and travel. Right now, she is moving back to her family, doing media related works, and traveling across the US. She sets a great example for all of us that you can have what you want as long as you set your mind to and live your life to the fullest.


We hope you have enjoyed reading Jackie's story. As usual, please comment down below what do you think of this episode of Wantdo Stories, and one winner will be selected from the comment section to receive the same Parka Jackie has. 

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