Professional Purchase Program

Wantdo Professional Purchase Program is our way of providing Wantdo product at a discounted price to professionals who work in the organizations with the most premium product at honest prices on the market. Professionals include:
  • Event Management: Companies and organizations that produce and manage outdoor events, such as music festivals and professional sports events.
  • Non-Profits: 501(c)(3) organizations that actively serve in the outdoors or support environmental/outdoor related causes.
  • Government: Employees who serve in local and national government agencies who actively work in the outdoors.
  • Education: Individuals who are employed as teachers or administrators of programs supporting outdoor sports and activities.
  • Professionals: Licensed/paid outdoor guides/instructors, professional athletes, National Ski Patrol, and Search & Rescue.
  • Media: Individuals and organizations in the broadcast, digital, print, or film industries.
If you would like to join our Professional Purchase Program and enjoy a discount on your purchases, reach us at